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12Cans Cooler Leak-Proof Soft Sided Cooler bag Waterproof

Specification: 467x234x358mm
Color : Gray
Capacity: 12 Cans
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Product description:

For Hiking, Operating, Travel & Far more

Study much more right here how to choose a  Softside Cooler bag. Webbing throughout permits this bag to be upgraded with extra pouches if need be, but its smaller sized size tends to make it perfect organization for day trips and shorter excursions. Although it won't fit a massive laptop, the principal compartment provides a lot more than sufficient space to comfortably residence most tablets, a 1st aid kit or binoculars. Admin dividers and organisers all through hold all things very easily spaced out.

Hiking  Softside Cooler are designed to carry the gear you need to have for brief to mid-length trips. Ranging from holding just the bare essentials through to lightweight overnight gear, they are perfect for year round use. Some outdoor packs, specifically these sold for day hikes, ultralight  Softside Coole and mountaineering are occasionally frame less as nicely.


Seize: 467x234x358mm

Material: 100% high quality melange nylon;

Capacity: 12 Cans cooler bag, you can take whatever you want with you. for one day trip family's outdoor activities.

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