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36 Cans Cooler Leak-Proof Soft Sided Cooler bag Waterproof

Specification: CL C3-1
Material: 100% high quality melange nylon
Color: Gray
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Product description:

Camouflage Males  Softside Cooler Leisure Motorcycle Bag Student College Bags

Study much more here how to decide on a  Softside Cooler bag. Hiking packs, trekking poles, hiking tents, sleeping bags, hydration packs and other equipment made by best-line makers are produced with tough, lightweight, higher-functionality materials that contain waterproof components. Revolutionary Softside Cooler bag , for instance, is so tough that  hiking packs come with a lifetime warranty on all materials and workmanship, excluding zippers. Softside Cooler bag hiking packs also come with a lifetime warranty thanks to their own particular Ultra  and Mini Rip stop  components manufacture, while Denali hiking packs utilize Heavy Duty Rip stop Polyester perfect for hiking, trekking or common travel.

Softside Coolers have no supporting structure and can only hold a light load. It's excellent for brief trips with much less gear as they weigh significantly less and are versatile in shape. Nonetheless, if you overload it, you will feel the strain on your shoulders extremely considerably.


Material: 100% high quality melange nylon

Best Cold Performance Soft Cooler: 3-layer insulation materials in BPA Free and FDA approved, preventing heat and cold exchange and keep the food or drinks cool!

Melange Nylon Comfortable light weight Water-resistant 36 Cans Cooler Bag

Wide mouth: Our portable cooler has a large opening,it is easier for you to get access to what you want and keep all things in right place.

Capacity: 36 Cans cooler bag, you can take whatever you want with you. Big enough for the whole family's outdoor activities.

Easy to wash: With TPU material, never worry about the washing of the inner nor the outer.

Note: For a better cold performance, do not keep the lid open for long and do not zip it up too often.

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