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BC004-4 Slim Evil Top bag Premium Waterproof Duffel Bag with waterproof Zippered Pocket

Material: PVC
Application: Travel
Supply Ability: 200
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


What's the difference between a daypack and bag? This is a question a lot of newbie backpackers have. We solved these troubles by diligently researching the market place. We even consulted specialists from REI and Backcountry to help us locate the most appropriate bags for you. You are going to see we also picked some hydration prepared packs. What tends to make them appropriate is the dual-use hydration sleeve where you can store your laptop rather of a bladder.

If you are a person who typically goes on extended technical outings or trips that demand you to carry a lot of gear, the bag would be the very best pack for you. The bag is tester Ian Nicholson's favorite pack for Denali expeditions exactly where he is out for 22-days at a time in the arctic cold carrying heavy loads. This pack hits on an superb combination of robust suspension, above-typical padding, ergonomics, and a collection of excellent features.



Material: 500D PVC + Air tight zipper (China);


Seamless welding.

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