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BC004-5 Premium Waterproof Duffel Bag with Covered Zippered Pocket Slim Evil Top bag

Serial: BC004-5
Application: Outdoor
Supply Ability: 100
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


Read a lot more here how to decide on a backpack bag. We also looked at the duffel bag and found it to be lacking in many areas. It does not have a waist belt or an external pocket hassle-free for stashing an extra layer. The straps have extremely little padding. It's more pricey than our pick, and even though it includes the bladder, it does not offer any attributes that less costly packs don't. Considering that the duffel bags have a bladder pocket, there is no reason to acquire a bag just because you intend to use one of the company's bladders.

The duffel bags are excellent alternatives for folks who want to go super light but want a comfy and supportive pack with a frame and a lot more robust padding for certain trips when you need far more weight or right after leaving town with a fresh resupply. Because of their lightweight and great weight carrying capacity, these packs are well-known for lengthy-distance trail hikers and section hikers alike.


Measures 11” x 24.8” W inch / D28x63cm;

Material: 840D PVC + Air tight zipper (China);


Seamless welding.


Handle strap for easy transportation;

The seams are high-frequency welded for watertight seals;

Waterproof Dry Bag Duffel Made of Heavy 840D PVC tarpaulin + Air Tight zipper Protects Your Gear and Valuables from Exposure to Water;

Large capacity Allows for Plenty of Gear to Be Kept Dry; 

Splash-proof zipper pocket on the front, we designed this pocket to hold your cell phone, keys, wallet and other items needed with quick access.

Perfect for any kind of travel, will keep your gear dry when going fishing, hunting, canoeing, kayaking, snowboarding or just hanging around the pool.

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