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Ebike bag Fully Waterproof Under Seat Bike Pouch Seller

Model: BC001-2
Usage: Bicycle
Supply Ability: 150
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


What is the distinction among a daypack and bike pouch? This is a query a lot of beginner bike pouchers have. Chest and waist straps wrap about you and fasten, assisting to evenly distribute the pack's weight. The weight of the bag is about 0.9 lbs. That makes it lightweight given its robustness and the abundance of metal clips, buckles, and hooks. Now, let's reveal the significant pros and cons of this outstanding bike pouch.

A heavier pack is logically most frequently capable of hauling far more weight. It will have a beefy frame, challenging fabrics and thick padding. There are some exceptions, and bike pouches general are becoming lighter—take for example the bike pouch, which dropped a lot of weight among models (about 9 ounces to get down to 5 lbs.), but is nevertheless adept at comfortably handling a heavy load. Under is a simple guideline in matching pack weight and hauling capacity. Note, some makers also supply load ratings for their packs, which is another beneficial reference point.


Size: 96*90*342MM

Material: 500D Cationic / TPU  


Seamless welding

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