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Walking Cooler Leak-Proof Soft Sided for 40CANS

Origin: China
Usage: Outdoor
Color: Grey
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


This Outdoor Goods Modest Watertight cooler protects gear from the elements. The watertight dry box is huge enough to keep a selection of devices dry whether its your camera, GPS, phone, keys, or ID. It has a rubber important clip to hook box to raft or cooler. This can also be attached to a assortment of other things such as a boat, or handlebars. Its wonderful to use when you need to have to hold your private belongings protected and organized. It is made from a shatterproof Polycarbonate material and the bright orange color tends to make it straightforward to find in case you shed sight of it. This is one particular of these must have accessories when you are heading to the lake, river, or stream when you want to hold your belongings safe and dry. this is also excellent to use when traveling or storing beneficial things. Comes with a three year limited warranty.

Design and style - A cooler doesn't have to be complex to be exceptional. It really is frequently the businesses that maintain design and style elements straightforward and streamlined that make the best lightweight packs. At the end of the day, your cooler is just a sack to carry other gear comfortably. So never feel the need to overdo it with a ton of excess compartments, pouches, zippers, clips, and straps.


Size: 540*260*340mm

Material: 600D /TPU           

30mm /NBR


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