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Walking Cooler Supplier Leak-Proof Soft Sided Refrigerator 20Cans

Serial: BLB3
Application: Beverage
Supply Ability: 200
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


No matter exactly where you are going, what sort of adventures you are embarking on, or what sort of odds you are facing, you are often going to have stuff. Produced in China our brand continues to push the envelope in ultralight gear. The cooler is no exception. It really is made from waterproof fabric, hence negating the need to have for a rain cover. At under 2.5 pounds, this pack is the comprehensive package. Distribute weight evenly across the cooler bag, guaranteeing that 1 side is not heavier than the other. This will help maximize your comfort when carrying the load. With an integrated bag technique, a front pouch that converts into a function surface, and ample storage space with a lot of compartments, the cooler sets a new common for fishing cooler bags.


Size: 460*260*295mm

Material: 600D /TPU           


TPU Inner Bag

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