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Waterproof Duffel Dry Bag Motorcycle Tail Bag

Seize: 220*470
Material: 500D PVC + Air tight zipper (China)
Model: BC004-2
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Description :

No matter exactly where you are going, what sort of adventures you are embarking on, or what sort of odds you are facing, you are constantly going to have stuff. Tip: If a pack's shoulder straps really feel like they're digging into your shoulders, attempt tightening or loosening them if that does not work, the problem may possibly be that the pack's weight is not distributed correctly. When you begin diving into the planet of outdoor adventures, it's a excellent idea to realize to understand what scenarios call for a day pack vs Motorcycle Bag

Handle strap for easy transportation;

The seams are high-frequency welded for watertight seals;

Motorcycle Tail Bag for Riding Cycling Kayaking Boating Rafting Fishing Camping Backpacking Outdoor Adventure Saddle Travel


Material: 500D PVC + Air tight zipper (China)    

100% Waterproof, 

seamless welding;

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